NOAK Observatory (L02)

DeepSky Astrophotography

The following photos were taken with the following equipment: Telescope: Skywatcher 80ed, CCD camera: Atik 460ex, Temperature of CCD: -10 Celsious, Mount: Skywatcher ΝEQ6, Focal Reducer/Flattener: William Optics reducer flattener III, Image scale: 1.95 ’’/ pixel, Field of view: 1.49ο x 1.19ο, Guiding : SW Finder scope 50mm with ASI 120mm, Filters : 1 1/4 " Baader, Filter Wheel : Starlight Express 7x, Filters Ηα,Οiii,Sii and LRGB, Calibration frames, Stacking with DSS, Capture: Artemis Capture, Tracking: Eqmod (Pegasus Astro EQDir Adapter for EQMOD), PHD2